Data management

M&E-officer making a presentation over the district steering committee

All DREAMS data should be entered into the UDTS on a daily basis. Data will be entered by Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)data entrants under the supervision of both the CARITAS MADDO and RHSP M&E officers. Data MUST be managed with fidelity.


DREAMS is a PEPFAR program therefore DREAMS outputs is captured on a daily in the Uganda DREAMS tracking system. In addition to the reporting in UDTS, MDMS generates periodic reports for PEPFAR reporting into HIBRID. The table below shows the DREAMS MER indicators.

Definition Reports Databases
HTC_TST Number of individuals who received HTC services and received their test results during the reporting period HMIS 105 DHIS2/DATIM/HIBRID
PP_PREV Percentage of individuals from priority populations who completed standard HIV prevention intervention including the specified minimum components during the reporting period. RHSP special forms HIBRID/DATIM
GEND_NORM Number of people completing an intervention pertaining to gender norms, that meets minimum criteria RHSP special forms HIBRID/DATIM
GEND_GBV Number of people receiving gender-based violence care RHSP special forms HIBRID/DATIM
KP_PREV Percentage of key populations reached with individual and/or small group level preventive intervention that are based on evidence and/or meet the minimum standards required RHSP special forms HIBRID/DATIM
TX_NEW Number of adults and children newly enrolled on antiretroviral therapy (ART) HMIS 106a DHIS2/DATIM/HIBRID
Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) ready to deliver HIV/AIDS message through poem

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