First aid camp at the ordination of Bishop Jjumba Serverus on 6th July 2019

The Diocesan Health Department took lead in organizing the first aid camp at the ordination of Bishop Serverus Jjumba at Kitovu Sports Arena Masaka on 6th July 2019. The intention was to help provide first aid to anyone who would attend the function but get an emergence. The target instances were blood pressure abnormalities, blood sugar surges, mild headaches and other simple illnesses. Ambulances were put in place for cases that needed attention the provisions in the camp.

This work was done very well and a lot of the appreciation goes to the team that manned the day. They were very cooperative and hardworking. The team exhibited a lot of teamwork. Among these were the following:

  1. Staff of Masaka Diocesan health Office (Lead organiser)
  2. Villa Maria Hospital
  3. Kitovu Hospital
  4. Diocesan Health Centers
  5. Life Net International
  6. Uganda Red Cross (Masaka Region)
  7. Bulamu Clinic (Dr. Kabugo Bulasio)

All these teamed up to a group of 48 members who were on constant watch. There were six ambulances on standby for any emergence cases. There were two tents to cater for the treatment of the people and special recognition goes to Life Net International who provided a tent, seats and drugs worth shs 2,000,000 UGX.

Over 161 cases were handled and 75 people had their blood samples taken for Malaria and other related cases like Blood Pressure, Diabetes Mellitus. It was found that most people who treated on that day came from home already sick with Malaria, flu. However all people were treated and only one was referred to Kitovu Hospital for further medication.

May God bless our Bishop