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Caritas MADDO

Masaka, Uganda
Caritas MADDO (MASAKA DIOCESAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION) is a faith-based organization offering social services and development work in Masaka Diocese. It was started way back after the 1979 war with relief items to war victims. The offices were established in 1981. In 1988 MADDO was expounded to include development work besides social services with more technical staff.

Joint Medical Stores (JMS )

Joint Medical Stores (JMS )
Kampala, Uganda
JMS is the leading private pharmaceutical store in Uganda serving at least 3000 medical facilities. It was established in 1979 as a joint venture between Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).

Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Terre des Hommes Netherlands
Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdH-NL) prevents child exploitation in developing countries, rescues children from exploitative situations and ensures that these children can continue their development in a safe environment. Terre des Hommes Netherlands is a rights-based organization. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is the cornerstone of all our programs.

Masaka Regional Referral Hospital

Masaka Regional Referral Hospital
Having started in 1927 as a treatment centre for World War I veterans, Masaka Regional Referral Hospital was elevated to regional referral status in 1996.The hospital has a 330 bed capacity with an annual admission of 23,456 patients giving a bed occupancy rate of 90.6%. However with the completion of a new mega hospital facility, the bed capacity is expected to increase to about 540 beds.

Kitovu Mobile

Kitovu Mobile
Kitovu Mobile, a faith based organization, was started by the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) as a response to the needs of HIV and AIDS patients who were opting to be cared for within the confines of their home areas. The Home Based Care (HBC) was the first programme established. Originally, the program visited patients in their homes to provide care services and later formed centers so that many patients could be seen in one place. There were 111 outreach centers providing treatment for 5,500 clients for opportunistic infections, counseling, HIV Testing, medical and social support.

LifeNet International

LifeNet International
Guided by the belief that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to lead a healthy and whole life, LifeNet improves the quality of health systems from the ground up. We are dedicated to strengthening health systems by leveraging existing resources to maximize return on investment and promote local sustainability. Through the framework of a partnership with faith-based health centers, we innovate and implement pragmatic responses to everyday health challenges facing the poor. Drawing on years of experience in the business sector, we provide logistics, financing, equipment and training services to existing, faith-based health centers in East Africa that embrace the LifeNet way. Our partners finance their own operations, as well as medicine and equipment purchases, ensuring local responsibility and sustainability. We provide comprehensive solutions to their management, medical and supply problems. This enables us to leverage existing personnel and infrastructure for quick scale, high return on investment and great impact for the health of millions of patients. By 2023, we plan to work in 1,000 health centers across 10 African countries, transforming care for more than 10,000,000 patient visits.
Our Vision

“A Diocese with health institutions that meets all health needs of the population without any discrimination.”

Our Mission

“Toprovide sustainable quality health servicesin continuation of Christ’s healing Ministry through strategic partnerships”

Core Values
  1. God first
  2. High respect for human life
  3. Non-discrimination
  4. Client centered
  5. Transparency and Accountability
  6. Mutual respect and Team work
  7. Compliance to quality standards

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