Masaka Diocese receives award from UCMB/JMS for outstanding performance in the year 2020

Every year the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau invites Diocesan Health Coordinators for technical workshops to let them know of important activities to be done and evaluate on the progress of the set programmes. Every time there is a set theme to guide Dioceses and hospitals in the period of time. Even then, the mission and vision of the department is always in the play.

Among other dioceses, Masaka was noted for its timely submission of reports and diligent follow-up of the vision and mission of the Catholic Church, while being efficient and equitable. JMS on the other hand appreciated Masaka Diocese for the commitment and ensuring that health facilities have ready access of medical supplies despite the COVID 19 pandemic.

The COVD19 pandemic affected the health care system and all the health care personnel. This year the theme was to point all the health coordinator and hospitals towards strengthening their system to accommodate the challenges brought about by COVID19 and any other pandemics. The theme for 2021 is ensuring continuity of quality health services in the Catholic Health Network amidst a pandemic, National epidemics or other disasters and sustaining Services in the past.

The theme sets everyone thinking and devise ways on how to prepare for situations such as one brought about by COVID19.