MASAKA DIOCESAN HEALTH OFFICE: Lower level health units’ fixed assets management guide

Just like the Procurement and Disposal Guide, this Guide has been prepared after sighting numerous and persistent fixed assets management deficiencies in many of our Health Centres.

This Guide is among others, meant to help the In-Charge(s) and their teams to understand the minimum requirements relating to the management of Fixed Assets.

Once in operation, we believe this Guide will enhance clarity in financial decision-making in relation to fixed assets. It will also ensure an appropriate balance between flexibility and efficiency, transparency and accountability of fixed assets management.

The better and more effectively the Health Centres will manage their assets, the greater the prospect of maximizing value from these assets.

Otherwise, without fixed asset management the Health Centres may experience: unplanned interruptions, equipment failures, misplaced or lost inventory and failure to meet compliance or regulatory standards.

So, we are hopeful that this Guide will help all staff members involved in the various fixed assets management actions conducted in the Lower Level Health Units of Masaka Diocese.