MASAKA DIOCESAN HEALTH OFFICE: Standard Operating Procedures & Personnel Policies (Soppp) Manual

MASAKA DIOCESAN HEALTH OFFICE: Standard Operating Procedures & Personnel Policies (Soppp) Manual

A Standard Operations and Personnel Policy Manual is a set of instructions that define and formally present in writing explanations relating to MDMS operations and policies concerning its employees and the conditions that govern their stay at MDMS. Therefore, a policy is a set of guidelines geared towards ensuring that employees are aided in their day-to-day work and how they relate with other MDMS staff.

The strength of MDMS is the ability to guide its activities in an organised manner and the people it employs. MDMS believes that the best way to assist its employees to succeed is to create a work environment that values and recognises their work and to guide them in their work.

It sets the tone for conduct in MDMS and defines boundaries. Being charged with a variety of functions and responsibilities, it’s important to have in place a comprehensive set of key operation procedures and personnel policies manual to do the following:  

  1. To aid in management decisions and the legitimacy of actions taken;
  2. To act as a resource guide for all MDMS activities;
  3. It stipulates the rights and responsibilities accorded to MDMS’s employees and the official organizational policies and procedures that govern the MDMS work in the Diocese and the expectations of MDMS’s employee with the intension of ensuring consistency, equal and fair treatment of all employees hence forming a basis and firm tool of accountability against which MDMS can monitor and assess the management of its human resource;
  4. To guide the recruitment, selection and employment of the most qualified personnel and provide equal employment opportunities regardless of sex, colour, race, tribe, nationality subject to any preference made based on their inherent needs of a particular job

designed to be a reference for all Managers, Supervisors and staff of MDMS;

  1. To serve as an orientation tool for employees of MDMS.