Identifying Unique Challenges/barriers for Non suppressing among CLHIV

PSW updating Household register during home visit

To strengthen collaboration in addressing the root causes to non- suppression, 40 facility case conference meetings with non- suppressors and their caregivers were conducted during the quarter across 6 districts.

From the facility case conferences it was however noted that non- suppressors go through different challenges but as they share individual experiences they learn from others and become motivated as this was evident when Nakalanzi Justine, a grandmother to a 10 year old Namuna from Gramma village, Masaka district was quoted saying, “I had failed to disclose Namuna’s status to any of the family members and I was the only one to give him medicine, however, when I was away from home for 2 months to attend to my late sister while she was in the hospital I left the drugs with his elder sister.

I told her to be giving Namuna drugs however I did not disclose the reason for the medicine but only knew he had to take it daily which she did not do because she saw he was fine. From the meeting, I have learnt that I need to disclose Namuna’s HIV status to family members especially the grown ones so that they can support him in taking his drugs while I am away.”

Currently Namuna’s sister (20years) with the support of the social worker has been disclosed to, she is his treatment supporter and makes sure that he takes his drugs on time.