Community-based cottage training

“Teach me how to fish and I will fish for myself for the rest of my days, insteady of giving me fish to feed for one day” this is a slogan used by Masaka diocess as they do their community work.

Masaka Diocesan Medical services(MDMS) provides soft skills as well as empowering caregivers economically through cottage training at community level using the locally available and affordable raw materials. This helps caregivers to be dependants and best positioned to provide for the basic needs of their Households. 

As a success, some caregivers have made this a business that is yields schooll fees and food for their children.(Below, a field Agent (Yellow T.shirt) training caregivers on basket weaving, a session in cottage industry training manual)


As a service delivery approach, Masaka Diocesan Medical services collaborates with Community Development Officers (CDOs) to appoint/ select community structures who also go through an assessment.

Before engaging with the community, MDMS then offers the basic training package on community Case management and economic strengthening to these structures to equip them with the best knowledge to identify, address, manage and respond to cases in their communities.

(Below Left, Economic strengthening coordinator training the team for economic strengthening, while on the RIGHT, the Case management Specialist is training a team of social workers on Integrated community case management.

Our Vision

“A Diocese with health institutions that meets all health needs of the population without any discrimination.”

Our Mission

“Toprovide sustainable quality health servicesin continuation of Christ’s healing Ministry through strategic partnerships”

Core Values
  1. God first
  2. High respect for human life
  3. Non-discrimination
  4. Client centered
  5. Transparency and Accountability
  6. Mutual respect and Team work
  7. Compliance to quality standards

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