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Kitovu Health Care Complex is located at Kitovu hill, within Masaka Municipality, which has a population of 79,200 people.

The distance to Masaka town is 4km, and it is 130 km to Kampala (approximately 3 hours drive), the capital city of Uganda. Masaka district is home to 804,300 of the 41,251,449 people living in Uganda and lies immediately below the Equator.  89% of the population lives in rural areas.

Kitovu hospital receives patients from greater Masaka comprising of eight districts; namely; Masaka, Kalungu, Bukamansimbi, Lwengo, Rakai, Kalangala, Ssembabule, Lyantonde and the southern part of Mpigi (about 1,500,000 people). The target population of the districts surrounding the hospital is estimated to be about 300,000 people.  However, concerning disease prevention and health promotion, a smaller catchment area has been defined in order to allow the program to work effectively and be easily evaluated.  In terms of the population covered at a referral status, it shares responsibility with Masaka Regional Referral Government Hospital, located 4.5 km away (total of 330 beds).


Kitovu Health Care Complex

P.O. Box 524

Masaka – Uganda

Tel.: +256 (04814) 32217


Kitovu Health Care Complex was founded in 1955, when the late Arch Bishop Joseph Kiwanuka, the first African Bishop South of the Sahara, invited the Religious Congregation of the Medical Missionaries of Mary Sisters (M.M.M.) from Ireland to build up a small First Aid Post in Masaka, Uganda. The M.M.M. Sisters ran the hospital from 1955 to December 15, 2001, when they handed over the responsibilities of the management to the indigenous Congregation of the Bannabiikira (Daughters of Mary) Sisters Bwanda Masaka.

Since then, 62 years of development have followed, tuning it to a complex and thus “Kitovu Health Care Complex”The hospital initially began with offering Out Patient Services only, followed by the development of a small In-Patient Unit.

The hospital has acquired a large piece of land with an intention of expanding the income base of the hospital to ensure self-sustainability. Therefore, the hospital launched several Income-Generating projects, which include the following;

The hospital owns a large piece of land of about 90 acres for farming and animal husbandry. Currently, there are three main activities carried out on the farm; coffee planting, piggery, and cassava growing growing is in its early stages about three acres have been planted and a nursery bed of over 5000 coffee seedlings is prepared for the next season.

Other Income generating projects include:

  • Kitwe Eucalyptus Trees Project
  • Kampala Rental House
  • Nutrition and rehabilitation unit Poultry Project
  • Workshops, Seminars and Medical Elective Practicum
  • Walungi farm cattle project

It is a 248 bed Private Not for Profit (PNFP) Hospital, operating under the umbrella organization of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).

Kitovu is a general hospital offering:

The Hospital, together with the Outreach program, make up Kitovu Health Care Complex, whose mission it is “To continue the Healing Ministry of Jesus, by proclaiming the Sacredness of life, providing services which foster the health and well-being of all people and caring in a special way for women, children and the poor”.

We pursue this mission by:

  • Providing integrated, holistic services, which are acceptable, accessible, affordable and sustainable training students on nutrition unit
  • Respecting the dignity of each person, hence treating each one with compassion and justice
  • Maintaining a high standard of professional competence, ethics and effectiveness
  • Assisting our staff to develop professionally and personally and providing them with meaningful careers
Kitovu Health Care Complex, known as St. Joseph’s, is located near Masaka, Uganda, about 140 km west of the capital Kampala.
Students from UK, Great Western Hospital, Swindon at Kitovu Hospital in South Western Uganda
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