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Kitovu Mobile works directly with people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs). It provides anti-retroviral therapy (ART), palliative care and medical treatment for opportunistic infections. These services are based out of 121 centers. Medical workers also travel to remote, rural areas to test the health of community residents, distribute antiretroviral drugs to those in need and counsel the community on HIV/AIDS prevention.

Once a month, community residents congregate at a scheduled meeting place and wait for Kitovu’s mobile AIDS clinic to arrive. In addition, the organization trains community workers to sensitize local communities about such topics as basic facts of HIV/AIDS, behavior change, family planning, home-based care and will making. Counseling is also a large part of what Kitovu Mobile does as a way to limit the psychological impact of the disease on the population. The project focuses on counseling which is a psychological treatment so as to soothe the pain which the infected and affected people go through thus enabling them have a positive thinking; and also uses the training strategy targeting mainly people who are willing to offer counseling services more so at the community level, aiming at increasing the number of service providers and strengthening the quality of counseling services among the target groups.

Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization (Kitovu Mobile) is a Faith Based Organization under the “Registered Trustees of Masaka Diocese” that was started by the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) in the year 1987 as a response to the HIV and AIDS crisis in Rakai district. The organization employs a holistic approach to addressing needs of both the infected and affected people within their communities of operation which are predominantly rural and poor, with high rates of HIV (12% prevalence) and large numbers of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. The most vulnerable include PLHA, orphans & other vulnerable children (approximately 1m orphans) and widows, among others.


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Kitovu Mobile provides care and support for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA), through a Home Based Care Program (HBC) and empowers them to cope up with the HIV/AIDS and its possible impacts.

This program hopes to empower the operational communities by improving the quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through working with communities in the areas of Prevention; Care and Support and Capacity building to enable them live with a positive thinking.

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