St. Agatha Health CenterHealth Centre III, Sembabule

St. Agatha is one of the health facilities under the network of health facilities under Masaka Diocese. It is located in Ssembabule district, Mawogola County, Lwebitakuli Sub County near Lwebitakuli trading center. It was named after St. Agatha Parish in German who have been supporting the facility since 1994.

The health facility to date offers a wide range of services: Immunization services, antenatal services and maternity services, Anti-retroviral therapy services and out and in-patient services with a catchment population of about 24415


To be the leading and closest provider of health services to all populations for the glory of God.


In faithfulness to the mission of Christ we provide professional and sustainable health services through partnership to enable the population live their life to the full.


Your health is our priority


  1. To provide health care to all the population of Lwebitakuli and beyond.
  2. To provide integrated and continuous health services i.e. curative .rehabilitative, preventive and Promotive health services.(To promote environmental health disease prevention and community health initiatives from 10%-90% by ensuring that at least homes have got 50% of the best component of a good home/house for instance, having well-built toilet, bathrooms with proper drainage, rubbish pits, raised fireplaces, pot with safe drinking water, drying rack, homes with bush free environment, vegetable gardens, a well-ventilated house, separate houses for animals, mother deliveries from the health facilities and ensuring that all children are fully immunized.
  3. To provide accessible and sustainable health services to all population by stating a fee structure and charges, exemptions and subsides.
  4. To identify common treatable problems among the community.
  5. To increase coverage on maternal health services like antenatal care, deliveries and postnatal care to all pregnant and post natal mothers from 20%-80% through outreaches and health education sessions



History of the facility

The facility was started in 1983 by Rev. Fr. Joseph Kyakuwadde together with Sr. Phillomera Nakiwala who on their pastoral visit to the family of Mr. Ssembatya Evalisto of Nabiseke found a patient being taken to a faraway clinic but could not afford it. Together with Mr. Ssembatya decided to start up an affordable and accessible clinic at the new parish of Lwebitakuli which was headed by Rev. Fr, G.W. Lutaaya.

The clinic was then linked to Villa Maria Hospital as an outreach post. The team from villa Maria Hospital was supplemented by Sr. John from St Lucien health center 111 Katimba led by Dr. Moses the medical superintendent of the hospital. The outreach was done on the veranda of the priest’s house at Lwebitakuli.

In 1984 renovation was done to the priests by Rev. Fr. Mulamuzi who had replaced Fr. Lutaaya which created space to be used for the clinic. This accelerated the health services because more people were being served because a room was reserved for the cause.

After that construction was started to upgrade the clinic into a dispensary. Rooms for the dispensary were constructed with support from Dr. Moses from villa Maria hospital. An operating License was then procured to begin formal operations. The dispensary started with one health worker Namwanje Benedatte. who later left and was replaced by three health workers namely; Kulabako Flora, Nannyonjo Betty and Consolate Mirembe and drugs were got from villa Maria hospital.

In 1993 Fr. Kyabaggu who was parish priest of Lwebitakuli requested support from Kitovu Mobile to teach people about HIV/AIDS transmission and its prevention. A team led by Sr. Usular together with Mrs. Exaline, Mrs. Mutagubya from Rakia/Masaka Mobile Aids Program started supporting the facility by visiting for one week every month.

In1994, there was an outbreak of famine in the area. During this time Bishop Ddungu requested sponsors from German to support the people. This work was started by the health workers distributing and serving maize flour and beans from Kitovu Mobile to the needy with help from Fr. Mugumya and Fr. Ssekyewa

Later the sponsors from German visited the dispensary to see progress of the work being done. From then on, they started supporting the health facility and with their help, the dispensary grew from a simple clinic on the priests’ verandah to a health center III which is the current status of the facility.

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