St. Lucien KatimbaHealth Centre III in Katimba Catholic Parish, Mawogola

St Lucien Katimba Health Centre III is found in Katimba Catholic Parish, Mawogola, Mateete Sub-county, Sembabule District. It is run by the Sisters of Daughters of Mary Bwanda under Masaka Diocesan Medical Services.

Katimba serves over 9185 patients from areas including: Katimba a, Katimba b, Bugenge, Buyongo A and B, Kayunga, Mirambi, Lwemisege, Manyama, Nkandwa, Kikukulu, Nkandwa and other villages.

Opened on 23rd September1983 by Fr. Lucien Trebly (a white father ), this Health Centre’s main objective is to provide the best health care services to the disadvantaged people in Sembabule district. They also offer Antenatal Services and therefore save lives of mothers who used to die due to lack of professional health workers. The health facility which started as a maternity care clinic, located near a priests’ house and the church is now ranked as health center III.

In 1997 after Sembabule was raised to status of a district, Katimba Health Centre started receiving support from government through Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).

With massive mobilization in 2019 and support from Christians and other well wishers, Katimba put up new structures in an effort to expand its health care services and operations.



It offers the following services:

  • Antenatal clinic care ,
  • Maternity and Delivery
  • Immunization, child health care
  • Out patients care
  • In patients care
  • HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and treatment
  • Community health awareness talks / community based health care
  • School health programs
  • Out-of school programs to mothers in child bearing age.


  • Malaria testing
  • Syphilis testing
  • Urinalysis
  • Rubella testing
  • Stool analysis
  • Blood group with all its categories.

Other services offered

  • Scan services
  • Oxygen services.


  1. Katimba still needs a better maternity block to give adequate care to the mothers
  2. The facility needs renovation but there is a lack of funds

Future Plans

  1. To construct a pathway connecting outpatient and laboratory departments
  2. To expand the facility to accommodate the increasing population visiting the facility
  3. To expand the maternity block with adequate facilities
  4. To put up a theater and to give more specialized services
  5. To renovate the existing structures to give a better look
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