St Monica Birongo HC IIIHealth Centre III, Birongo, Lwabenge, subcounty Kalungu

St Monica Birongo Centre is a community based health facility located at Birongo, Lwabenge, subcounty Kalungu, district and masaka diocese. It is barely 13 years of existence.


The idea of establishing a medical unit in this area existed in the minds of many of the residents for long time. The activity however of starting the construction of St. Monica was encouraged by rev. fr. Anthony Kibira Kimbowa in his speech at the celebration of his first Mass on 07/08/2005.

The people of the area took it seriously on themselves to see that the unit is established. Towards the preparation and starting the construction work, Fr. Kibira donated part of his gifts. Kyamulibwa Parish, through Birongo sub parish, allocated land for the unit. The construction work started in January 2006 and it is still going on. On 26/11/2007 some medical services started to be provided which have continued to date.


St. Monica exists to envision “A disease-free society.”


St. Monica exists to bring quality medical treatment and health education nearer to the people in the area.

Strategic objectives

  • In striving to realize her mission, St. Monica sets out to do the following
  • Give quality medical treatment to all her reach.
  • Offer antenatal and maternity services
  • Offer natural family planning services to all people who ned them.
  • ART services
  • Offer primary health care education, sensitization and outreach programs.
  • Do infrastructural construction.
  • Organization and institution development.
  • Offer laboratory services.

Since 2007 to date “60000 plus” people that have already benefitted from the medical treatment and antenatal services so far, proves the appropriateness of the services St. Monica offers to meet the health needs of the people.



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